Music is a crucial and an important element of our everyday life.  People spend billions of dollars purchasing and a lot of hours listening to it. Americans listen to music for approximately 18 hours in a week. What role does music play? Research has it that music has some considerable effects on behavior, emotion, and cognition.  People use music to attend to their different functions, from self-expression, social bonding to emotion regulation.

Some people would say that music is one of the greatest kind of man creation. Music touches the soul and helps people manifest the humanity inside them and also the unspoken desires. The effect music has on people, is what separate them from animals.  Music is capable of uniting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Music break boundaries. There are a lot of things that can be said about music, this is what makes it an essential element in human life in all religions and in all races. Music brings about international brotherhood, peace as well as love.

Music is a language of the whole world. Music is universal. It brings people together. The most incredible thing about music is that it is embedded within us. There are no barriers to understanding music. Even dogs, birds, and whales can understand music to a certain level. Music transcends boundaries. Musicians speak and tell stories to people in different planets, regardless of the language they speak.

Music fuels creativity. Listening to instrumental music help discover and create new innovations. Instrumental music challenges the listener’s mind. It all requires the maximum usage of the brain.

Music has a therapeutic effect on human life. Therapists and doctor recommend soft music for their patients. Regardless of the pain, music brings hope of living, happiness, and joy of existence. This helps the patients respond positively to the treatment. 

Music makes learning more enjoyable. Music is a great tool that helps kids memorize information in a quicker way. Besides the obvious, music equip children with management skills and self-discipline that they cannot get from other disciplines. Unfortunately, some genres of music can lead children to negative behaviors. Music is known to have some degree of power to influence thinking, dressing, and living and also the way one speak.

It is important to respect what genre of music one listens to. Music should not divide us. It should bring us together. Many people rush to disregard and push away some forms of music, instead of exploring what that particular style has to offer. We need to be open to all possibilities.


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